Geoboards: How To Make and Teach
In this section you will learn everything from how to make geoboards, to an overview of all the topics they can be used for, and materials on specific topics like Polygons, Graphing on the Cartesian plane, Pythagoras Theorem, etc.
Compass and Straight Edge (and Angles)
An essential part of Mathematics education is the study of The Elements by Euclid, and learning how to use a compass and straight edge. Many mathematicians, like Gauss, were masters of the art. Using a compass and straight edge starts with Euclid’s propositions, and goes on from there.
Probability (and Statistics)
Hands on materials like coins, cards, dice and blocks make a tricky topic like Probability more fun, more challenging, and more understandable.
Number Theory
Known as the Queen of Mathematics , number theory goes back to ancient times and has strong connections to Geometry.  It has many interesting problems, and modern applications in computing.
Jazz Chants
An interesting and fun way to teach English is by using muscial chants. Here you will find a variety of chants for you to use in the classroom to help teach your students better English.
Other Topics
Other Lower Secondary Maths topics not covered in the above categories.