2. How To Teach With Geo-boards

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Teacher Jon shows how geoboards are one of the best hands on tools for learning Maths, by demonstrating the range of topics at the Lower Secondary Level that geoboards can be used for, giving over 100 examples based on a standard curriculum.   When given live, this talk is always followed a workshop where students are given geoboards and put in groups and then set problems to solve. (see photos on this website – schools section)

This presentation is available on Youtube as a video in English, or downloadable here as a Power Point in English, or as a Power Point in Thai.    There is an accompanying handout for participants, in English, downloadable here as a PDF. 


Video Lesson:

PowerPoint Lesson:
Maths with Geoboards
(THAI) Maths with Geoboards

Download Worksheet (PDF):
Maths with Geoboards Handout