Jazz  Chants

PowerPoint Lessons :

Jazz Chants_0 – Intro-Who_is_Carolyn_Graham (Thai-Eng)

Jazz Chants_0 – Intro-Who_is_Carolyn_Graham (Eng only)
Jazz Chants_1 – I told you not to do it
Jazz Chants_2 – Vocabulary_Chants
Jazz Chants_3 – Saying Sorry
Jazz Chants_4 – Stop_That_Noise
Jazz Chants_5 – Who,What,When,Where,Why
Jazz Chants_6 – What_Do_You_Want_For_Dinner
Jazz Chants_7 – The_Love_Hate_Song
Jazz Chants_8 – Have_You_Ever_Been_To_Boston
Jazz Chants_9 – Is_There_Anyone_Here_from_Thailand
Jazz Chants_10 – Hungry_Monkeys
Jazz Chants_11 – California_Roll
Jazz Chants_12 – Let’s_Go_Out
Jazz Chants_13 – Hurry_Up_Kate
Jazz Chants_14 – He_Loves_The_Ocean
The House That Jack Built

Download Worksheet (PDF) :

Carolyn Grahams Jazz Chants Worksheet_pg.1
Carolyn Grahams Jazz Chants Worksheet_pg.2
Carolyn Grahams Jazz Chants Worksheet_pg.3 and 4
The House That Jack Built Worksheet_pg.1
The House That Jack Built Worksheet_pg.2

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