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Angles Introduction  to terms 2 pg. 19.02 Min.
Angles Some beginner angle problems 2 pg. 20.28 Min.
Euclid's Elements Book 1, Prop. 1 : Construction of an equilateral triangle, with proof 1 pg. 4.18 Min.
Euclid's Elements Construction of the Incentre, Circumcentre, Centroid and Orthocentre,  plus The Medial Triangle and The Euler Line 1 pg. 7.46 Min.
The Four Centres of a Triangle  Construction of the Centroid and the centre of balance, equality of areas. 1 pg. 23.25 Min.
The Centroid, pt.1 Introduction to Permutations and Combinations and Random Choice 1 pg. -
The Centroid, pt.2 Proof that the six triangles are equal areas, proof that the medians are cut 2 : 1 2 pg. -
The Neusis, pt. 1 Construction of the neusis : trisecting the angle 1 pg. -
The Neusis, pt. 2 Finding the cube root using the neusis 1 pg. -